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Invitation to Join the HSA

In 1968, on the occasion of a Hegel symposium held at Wofford College (Spartanburg, South Carolina), a group of Hegel scholars founded the Hegel Society of America. Its purpose, as stated in its charter, is "to promote the study of the philosophy of Hegel, its place within the history of thought, its relation to social, political, and cultural movements since his time, and its relevance to contemporary issues and fields of knowledge."

The Society meets every two years. Each meeting features a program of papers and discussions on a theme or topic. After the meeting, the papers are usually published as a collection of essays. The following, all published by State University of New York Press, are examples of recent collections: Hegel and his Critics, edited by William Desmond; Essays on Hegel's Logic, edited by George di Giovanni; New Perspectives on Hegel's Philosophy of Religion, edited by David Kolb; Hegel on the Modern World, edited by Ardis B. Collins. The Society is currently developing plans for expanding its activities into meetings associated with other professional societies, such as the World Congress of Philosophy, the American Philosophical Association, and the Society for Phenomenological and Existential Philosophy.

Members of the Society receive with their membership a subscription to The Owl of Minerva, the Society's official journal. This biannual journal features articles, discussions, translations, reviews, and bibliographical information pertaining to Hegel, his predecessors, contemporaries, successors, and influence today, as well as studies that use a Hegelian approach to philosophical issues or enter into debate with this approach. The journal welcomes work which falls into various disciplines: philosophy, religion, history, law, economics, literature, the empirical sciences, and any others that deal with Hegel's thought in a rigorous, systematic way.

Dues are $35 U.S. for regular membership and $17 U.S. for student membership. The Society will begin to accept payment by Master Card or Visa, and payment of dues will be expected on March 1 of every year.

If you wish to apply for membership in the Hegel Society of America  and/or  for a subscription to The Owl of Minerva, please contact the Philosophy  Documentation Center at:

Philosophy Documentation Center
P. O. Box 7147
Charlottesville, Virginia 22906-7147


Tel. 800-444-2419 (US & Canada)
Tel. 434-220-3300, Fax: 434-220-3301
Specific information about the Owl of Minerva:

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